Willamette Valley Bigfoot Society

                                                                           Willamette Valley Bigfoot Society Staff


Darin Richardson is a founder and Director of the Willamette Valley Bigfoot Society.  A close encounter with a Bigfoot creature in 1991 led to his involvement into the phenomena.  Since his first encounter, he has had several others while living in The Dalles, Oregon.  He has been active in the field for 20 years.  He is the author of the book Bigfoot and I: A Personal Journey into the World of Sasquatch, which details his experiences.  He was the host of the internet radio show The Bigfoot Mystery.  In addition to Bigfoot research, Darin is a writer, Civil War reenactor, and comic book collector.  He lives in Eugene, Oregon, with his wife and daughter. 


Michael Bodewitz is the Field Leader of the Willamette Valley Bigfoot Society. He has been interested in Bigfoot since he was a kid. His interest started when his father had an encounter. Michael is a military veteran of the Air Force and he and his wife have three daughters, one together. Other interests include self preservation, law enforcement, stand up comedy, music, and writing.  He lives in Eugene with his wife and children.