Willamette Valley Bigfoot Society

WVBS Case File #001- Sighting report, Lane County, Cottage Grove, Oregon, June 1978

Category: Actual sighting        

Date of sighting: June 1978    

Location: Cottage Grove, Lane County, Oregon.  The sighting took place at a farm out in the middle of a field.    

Witness: The witness is known to the WVBS Director

Description of encounter: The witness was ten years old at the time.  He saw a Bigfoot creature going through some trees up a hill near the farm.  

Description of creature: Seven feet tall, covered in dark brown hair, bipedal, with a side-to-side arm swing.  

Comments: This is from my own personal files.  The Cottage Grove area has had a long history of Bigfoot activity.  It is one of the areas that the WVBS is currently doing field work in.