Willamette Valley Bigfoot Society

WVBS Case File #002- Footprint find, Linn County, Brownsville, Oregon, Summer 1996

Category: Footprint find 

Date of incident: Summer 1996   

Location: Brownsville, Linn County, Oregon 

Witness: The witness is known to the WVBS Director and would like to remain anonymous

Description of incident: The witness was sixteen years old at the time.  She found the print on a path near a cemetery.  She had been walking on the path for fifteen minutes before she saw it.  Just one print.  If she hadn't been looking at the ground while walking on the path she would have missed it entirely.  The witness believes it to be a Bigfoot print due to its size and width: she estimated the print to be fourteen inches long and five inches wide.     

Comments: This report is from my own personal files.  We will possibly be conducting some field work in the Brownsville area in near future.