Willamette Valley Bigfoot Society

WVBS Case File #006- Sighting Report, Lane County, near Blue River, Oregon, December 7, 2011

Category: Actual sighting

Date of sighting: December 7, 2011

Location: McKenzie River Drive, near Blue River, Oregon

Witness: The witness, a U.S. Forest Service employee who was pretty high up in the department, refused to give their name; incident reported to WVBS by Mike Bodewitz

Description of encounter: In Mike's own words:

“I called the Forest Service and they did not give a lot of information. They said an individual that is pretty high up in the department had a brief sighting at this location. The high up had a quick glance at what he saw.  There are also sightings at a campground called Owalie.”

Description of creature:  None given

Comments: This doesn’t surprise me that the Forest Service employees won’t talk about Bigfoot sightings they have had.  I can understand that their credibility as Forest Service employees would be on the line.  At least they admitted to having a sighting.  That’s a step in the right direction.  The area will be looked into for a possible future investigation, especially the campground at Owalie.