Willamette Valley Bigfoot Society

WVBS Case File #007- Possible Bigfoot vocalizations, Lane County, near Junction City, Oregon, Summer 2005

Category: Unusual Sounds/Vocalizations

Date of incident:  Summer 2005

Location: Ten mile marker on High Pass Road West of Junction City, Lane County, Oregon

Witness:  Co-worker of WVBS member Mike Bodewitz.  Witness chooses to remain anonymous; known to WVBS Field Leader.

Description of incident:    In Mike’s words:

"My co-worker was telling me while we were working that during a hot summer night in 2005, him and his wife decided to spend the night out on their porch in sleeping bags. Around 4 am they were woken up by a loud scream in the distance. He said that it sounded like it came from a ridgeline away. He also said that it sounded big. They immediately got scared and went inside the house.  He initially said it sounded like an animal in distress but decided that it was too far away to be a deer or anything smaller.  My father had an encounter around the same area 10 years earlier. " (See WVBS Report #003.)

Comments:  This is the second possible vocalization report from the Junction City area.  That particular area has not been mentioned much in the history of Bigfoot activity, at least not that I know of.  Could this maybe be a possible “hotspot” of activity, if more people in the Junction City area new of the WVBS, and could then report incidents to us?