Willamette Valley Bigfoot Society

WVBS Case File #008- July 26, 2011-  Government Camp, Oregon- Sighting by a Truck Driver

Category: Actual sighting       

Date of sighting:  July 26, 2011   

Location:   Heading west on Hwy 26 about 2 miles west of Government Camp, Oregon, near the Mirror Lake Trail Head.

Witness: The witness chooses to remain anonymous.  Contact information available to WVBS members upon request.

Description of encounter: In the witness’ own words:

“I drive a semi-truck from Bend to Portland every night. I had just passed Government Camp at about 11 pm. I came around the corner near Mirror Lake at about 45mph when I noticed a large object on the side of the road. At first I wondered why someone would stand a log on the side of the road. As I got closer I realized what it was! I saw a large silhouette of what looked like an ape. It was facing away from me but I could see a head, shoulders, arms, torso, and legs. As I passed it my head lights and side lights lit it up so I could see it was covered with hair. It had shorter black hair all over except for a long "mane" of grey hair on its head and shoulders and shorter grey hair on its sides. The hair was very "wild" looking. The bottom edge of my semi window is 6.5 feet and this thing could have easily looked me in the eye if it had turned its head! I was only a little more than the truck cabs width away from it. It seemed like I caught it by surprise and it was trying not to move, hoping I wouldn't see it.  After I saw it, my wife and stepson went back to the area and found a track on the opposite side of the road. They measured it at 16 in.  This is something I would not want to meet in the woods. It scared the crap out of me!”

Description of creature: In the witness’ own words:

“It was probably 7-8 feet tall. Its shoulders filled the window so they were about 4 feet wide. Its head was about 16-18 inches wide. The head sloped down to the shoulders so it looked like it had no neck. The arms looked proportionally longer than a humans but I couldn't tell exactly where they ended. The torso was also long compared to the rest of its body. The hair was black or really dark brown all over and shorter than the hair on its head. It had a grey mane that went down the sides of its head onto its shoulders and it had grey on the sides of its torso nearer to the arms. It didn't move or make any noise.”

Comments: This is one of the most detailed reports we have gotten submitted to us thus far.  It was a very close observation.  The area he saw the creature in has a strong history of Bigfoot sightings.  I have no doubts as to what it was that he saw.  The fact that his wife and stepson went back to the area and found a 16 inch track on the opposite side of the road that he saw the creature proves that something was there, and that it had crossed the road at some point.