Willamette Valley Bigfoot Society

                                                                  Willamette Valley Bigfoot Society Group Guidelines

                                            Below are general behavioral guidelines for the WVBS.  Please read them.

1.      No egos.  Egos are what ruin other Bigfoot groups/organizations.  The WVBS functions on the basis that personal egos  only hinder, not help.  Check your egos at the door and leave them there.

2.      Posting videos on YouTube of evidence the WVBS finds is strictly prohibited.  This is a really bad idea if we want to be taken seriously.  Posting videos of evidence to a site like YouTube for all the world’s self-proclaimed “experts” to see and offer their opinions as fact is a mistake.  Any video evidence the WVBS finds will be forwarded to the appropriate experts, not YouTube.

3.      Any decision on presenting evidence to the public, after that evidence has been evaluated by WVBS members and experts, will be decided by the WVBS group as a whole; no one person in the WVBS will make that decision.  This will be done by discussion and then by ballot.  This will also hold true for other major decisions and issues of the WVBS.

4.      All WVBS members will sign a non-disclosure agreement.  This is so to keep research locations secret and from being intruded upon by undesirables.  Although the non-disclosure agreement is for field team members, you do not have to be a field team member; all WVBS members must sign the non-disclosure agreement.  Failure to adhere to non-disclosure of research locations, whether by accident, while intoxicated, or bragging to your friends, will result in immediate dismissal from the WVBS.

5.      Only WVBS members who have had actual encounters with Bigfoot, whether it is finding footprints, hearing their vocalizations, or actually seeing one, will be allowed to conduct eyewitness interviews.  This is because someone who has had an encounter can more easily relate to and open up to someone else who has also had an experience.  WVBS members who have not had an experience but who would like to interview eyewitnesses must submit a request to be able to do so to the WVBS Director and Field Leader.

6.      Don’t do anything stupid, whether in the field or as a representative of the WVBS.  That should speak for itself.

7.      Don’t panic in the field.  Remain calm.  There may be intense moments while in the field.  Panic could result in #6 of these guidelines.

8.      As to behavioral discipline as far as going against WVBS guidelines or field procedures, we will follow a chain of command.  For example, if the issue is with a member of the field team, the Field Leader will be responsible for handling it.  The WVBS Director will be responsible for other, non-field team disciplinary actions.  If the Field Leader has not come to a resolution about a disciplinary issue with a member of the field team, the Field Leader will then bring it to the Director, and discussion and a decision will be reached between the two.

9.      Disciplinary action in the WVBS will be in the form of a three-strikes warning system.  The first one will be a verbal warning from either the Field Leader or the WVBS Director.  The second warning will be a written warning from both the Field Leader and the Director.  Upon a third offense, the result will be dismissal from the WVBS.  The only four offenses that will result in immediate dismissal without warnings will be breaking of the non-disclosure agreement, physical assault on another WVBS member, faking evidence, or bringing a gun on a field expedition.

10.  The main spokespersons for the WVBS, as far as publicity and contacting other Bigfoot organizations, will be the Field Leader and the WVBS Director.  Other WVBS personnel will be brought in as needed.

11.  Credit where credit is due to individual WVBS members who find evidence or do something for the WVBS.  No one person will take credit for something someone else does.

12.  While in the field, let Bigfoot remain in control if you are found to be in the vicinity of one.  It is their living room we are intruding in, not vice versa.  Bigfoot will let you know if you need to leave.

13.  Being judgmental of other WVBS members and eyewitnesses is strictly prohibited, as well as preconceived notions of WVBS members or eyewitnesses.  This can lead to strife and uncomfortable feelings in the WVBS.

14.  Absolutely no faking evidence or hoaxes of any kind.  This will result in immediate dismissal from the WVBS.

15.  There will be a probationary period of four outings for new WVBS field team members.  

16.  The WVBS is a voluntary organization; no one is obligated to do anything.  Anyone can leave the WVBS at any time.

17.  The finding and collecting of evidence will be under the direction of the Field Leader.

18.  Treat others as you would like to be treated.  You will get more results by using kindness rather than a sledgehammer.  

19.  Please respect others views/opinions.  No one is right and no one is wrong.  You can have a disagreement with a person’s views/opinions, but do not personally attack said person whom you disagree with.

20.  Firearms are discouraged on WVBS field outings.  Since we are a no-kill organization, we need to act like it.  If someone wants to bring a holstered handgun for personal protection, it needs to be cleared with the Field Leader.  Bigfoot knows what guns are for.  The less guns we have in the field, the more likely we will have an encounter.

21.  Remember: You don't find Bigfoot; Bigfoot finds you.